Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians


Find Your Legislator

Here is a website that allows you to enter your address to see which districts you are in for the House and Senate. Here you can find the list of Mississippi Representatives and Senators. After you have found your districts, you can navigate to the list of Representatives and Senators Rosters to locate your Representative or Senator for your district.

Instructions for searching by address:

  • Click Map Viewer then Start Map Viewer In the top right corner.
  • Click the Layer List button. Select the MS_SenateDistricts_2022 and MS_HouseDistricts_2022 layers.
  • In the top left corner, begin typing your address.
  • Once the address suggestions pop up, select the one that matches your address.
  • When the map navigates to your address, click the dot and you will see the pop up change to “Search result __ of __”.
  • Click the next button to navigate through the options to display the ones that you are looking for. The ID field is the district number you are looking for. 
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