Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians

Lead the MAFP

Lead the MAFP

Each member plays a vital role in the success of the MAFP. There are multiple opportunities with different commitment levels for you to be involved in with our Academy at either a state or national level. We encourage you to take a look and find where your talents can be utilized within the MAFP.

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Board members are expected to attend meetings, and to take part in the decision-making process.  They are also required to exercise a reasonable degree of knowledge, skill and care in bringing their best judgment to the performance of their responsibilities.  It is the duty of the Board members to stay informed on the issues of the Mississippi Academy; to study the materials that are distributed to them; and to exercise sound judgment in arriving at decisions. At a meeting of the Board, it is important that Board members ask questions, express their thoughts, and receive ideas from other Board members to weigh pros and cons before reaching a decision.